Chicken Mesh

Chickens Mesh and Aviary Tips

13mm 1800 Galvanised Hexagon MeshAlthough we don’t manufacture chicken coops as such, we can make a few general suggestions for keeping a few chickens on a smallholding or plot.

Chickens generally do well in open pens.  A minimum height of 1.8m is recommended as they might clear a lower fence.

As a cost saver, you may want to consider our hexagon mesh, but remember to take the factors of rats, mice and snakes into account.  For this reason it might be worth looking at galvanised welded mesh with a smaller block size.

Our hexagon mesh is manufactured with a high quality galvanising giving it a significantly longer lifespan than locally manufactured mesh.

Ideal Galvanised Welded Mesh:

Block size              Minimum wire diameter13x25x1.5x1830 Mesh Galvanised After Welding
13mm x 25mm     1.25mm for rats

13mm x 25mm     1.50mm

Hexagon 25mm    standard wire thickness of 0.9mm

Hexagon 13mm    standard wire thickness of 0.7mm


Ideal Aviary:

For pets:
Open pens or fenced enclosures


For breeding purposes:
Open pens, as large as possible to create a free-range effect.3.6-X-3.6-ARCH


Posted on

12th June 2018