Hexagonal Mesh

Mesh for Birds supply a comprehensive range of Hexagonal wire netting which is produced by winding the wires in an alternating straight direction and reverse direction to form a hexagonal opening.hemesh

Our focus is to supply only the highest quality galvanized hexagonal wire mesh or netting as well as chicken netting and plastic coated hexagonal wire netting.

Industrial Uses for Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Apart from being used to contain various avian species, Mesh for Birds’ hexagonal galvanised netting has a number of alternative uses such as being used as reinforcing material in various non-critical concrete products and ornaments. Hexagonal galvanised mesh can also be used to help support concrete, cement or stucco plaster.

Our hexagonal wire mesh is available in various standard sizes and in a number of grades. Heavier grade  hexagonal mesh can be fabricated into gabion boxes which are used to guide and control flood water and riverbanks and for the prevention of rock falls, soil erosion barriers and bridge protection structures.

Stainless Steel Industrial Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal mesh is also available in stainless steel for various industrial purposes including seawall and other maritime applications as well as non critical precast concrete products.

Mesh for Birds only stock superior quality, hexagonal wire mesh made of low-carbon wire. Our mesh products are structurally firm and have a flat surface.

Hexagonal wire mesh is employed in industrial and agricultural applications as well as in the building and construction industries where it is used for reinforcing and fencing and as boiler wrapping in resisting heat or cold.