Mesh for Catteries and Kennels

Ensure the cats and dogs in your care are housed in safe and comfortable conditions throughout their stay with your establishment.

Mesh for Birds offer a number of practical and durable welded wire mesh options suitable for cattery and dog kennel enclosures. The professionals choice, our hot dip galvanised, welded wire mesh specifications meet all license requirements for boarding kennels and catteries.

Welded Wire Mesh for Catteries

Our 75mm x 25mm, 10gauge and 25mm x 25mm, 1.6mm or 2.0mm welded wire mesh are popular choices for cattery mesh runs and walkways.

If you are building catteries, be sure to reinforce your glass windows and sneeze screens with welded wire mesh to prevent these from breakage due to over enthusiastic animals.

Mesh for Birds welded Wire Mesh options allows for versatile, bright, clean and modern cattery or kennel enclosure design.

Benefits of using welded wire mesh include:

  • Allows for simple, modular or complicated designs
  • Easy to attach using metal screws, nails or wire fasteners.
  • Easy to clean ensuring your enclosures remain hygienic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be easily painted
  • Resistant to damage by dogs or cats
  • A range of apertures and gauges are readily available
  • Allows for easy ventilation

Welded Mesh for Dog Kennels

Kennels intended to house large breeds of dogs should be constructed using sturdier tubing and heavier gauge welded wire mesh which not only looks attractive but will stand up to the abuse inflicted by larger animals.

No matter what the type of domestic animal, Mesh for Birds has the containment solution to suit your requirements.