Galvanized Wire Mesh

Mesh for Birds is the leading supplier of a comprehensive range of galvanized wire mesh products in South Africa. Our Galvanized welded mesh products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and undergo rigorous destruction testing.

Post Welded Galvanized Wire Mesh – Uses

Popular with bird and zoo keepers due to it’s durability, post welded galvanized wire mesh is the product of choice where animals are intended to be housed. This mesh is able to withstand the rigours of animal housing care and our range of wire apertures and gauges are able to house a wide range of animals and birds from the smallest humming bird through to the larges ostriches, fowl and waterfowl, many species of small and medium sized primates, small antelope, as well as small and medium sized domestic animals, most notably dogs, cats, goats and sheep.

Welded Wire Mesh – Agricultural Uses

Welded wire mesh can also be employed to keep vermin and other animals out and our products are commonly used in the agriculture sector where it is used in vineyards and fruit orchids to keep fruit produce out of reach of birds. Our products are also commonly employed for agricultural fencing applications.

Small Aperture Welded Wire Mesh

It’s well known that rats and mice are easily able to gnaw through solid concrete in search of food. Our small aperture welded wire mesh is thus also commonly used when casting concrete building floors where food products are intended to be warehoused, thus ensuring buildings are completely vermin free.

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh – Industrial Uses

Galvanized welded mesh also has many industrial applications including for site establishment of building and construction sites, the construction of gabion boxes for retaining walls and for soil erosion purposes. The mining industry also makes use of galvanized welded wire mesh for lancing and meshing purposes as well for reinforcing underground and tunnel walls.

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