Aviary Mesh Gauge Recommendations

Recommended Welded Aviary Mesh thicknesses for the different species of birds:

Gauge(Thickness) Avian Species
1mm Small softbills, small doves and pigeons, barbets, finches, louries and touracos, mynahs and starlings,  sparrows,  waxbills and weavers
1.25mm Quail, budgies, brotogeris parakeets, canaries, cloncurry parakeets, cockatiels, small ducks, small parakeets, grass parakeets, small rosellas, small lorries and lorikeets, all love birds and parrotlets, medium doves and pigeons, small parrots, kakarikis
1.5mm Flamingos, small geese and swans, Tsmall waterfowl, toucans,  small conures, owls, medium fowls, chickens ,pheasants and guinea fowl, medium parrots, quakers, ringnecks, medium conures, small poicephalus parrots .
1.65mm Medium and large poicephalus parrots and cape parrots, African greys, Amazons, small cockatoos,  eclectus and large conures, small pionus parrots
2.0mm King parrots, alexandrines, large Amazon parrots, large pionus parrots
2.5mm Mini macaws
3.15mm Large macaws, scarlets, green & gold, green-winged, hyacinth , military, buffons