Macaw Mesh and Aviary Tips 25x25x2.5x915


The ideal welded mesh thickness to use for Macaws is 3mm at the very least. Due to the weight of the rolls of mesh in this wire thickness, it is impossible to galvanise after welding, and therefore the mesh will only be available in the galvanised before welding range.
When building an aviary for Macaws, it is important to install the correct nesting.  Our suggestions include either a 210 litre drum, a wooden saligna nest box or a hollow tree trunk for nesting purposes.  We suggest that the next is first lined with a layer of sand and then covered with lots of wood chips.  Don’t use plants in the aviary, but in stead, rather fit natural wood perches to mimic their natural environment.

Ideal Galvanised Welded Mesh:3.6-GRACE-768x1024

Block size              Minimum wire diameter

13mm x 25mm    2.0mm
25mm x 25mm    2.5mm 
25mm x 50mm    3.15mm

Ideal Aviary:

For pets:
1.5m Arch Roof Aviary
1.8m Round Aviary
900mm x 1800mm Square Flat Roof Aviary

For breeding purposes:
2.4m x 3.6m Macaw Cage

Suggested bowls and feeders
Macaw Feeder
16cm triple bowl swivel feeder


Swivel Feeder Triple Bowl 16cm