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About Mesh for Birds

Mesh for Birds is the leading supplier of galvanised mesh in South Africa,

supplying a comprehensive range of:

Mesh:  Galvanised AFTER welding

Mesh:  Galvanised BEFORE welding

Hexagonal Mesh (OOGIES DRAAD), galvanised BEFORE weaving

Mesh for Birds also manufactures a wide range of aviaries, for both display and breeding purposes.  We stock a variety of DIY products, including Hog Rings and pliers, J-Clips and Pliers, galvanised sheeting, round tubing, binding wire and stainless steel bowls.

Our Range:


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Joe Cage

Mesh for Birds manufactures a range of aviaries including:

– Round Aviaries

– Square Aviaries

– Hexagon Aviaries

– Rows of Aviaries

– Arch and Pitch roof aviaries

–  Suspended Aviaries

– Custom built aviaries

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DIY Products

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We offer a range of DIY related products for enthusiasts that prefer to build their own aviaries.  Our products include

– J-Clips and Pliers

– Hog rings and Pliers

– Binding wire

– Galvanised sheeting

– Round tubing

– Panels with and without doors

– Gates

– Coop Cups and Standard Feeding Bowls

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Mesh for Birds is an import company specializing in galvanized welded mesh specifically for the bird industry. With over 15 years experience with birds and the breeding of birds we can guarantee the best advise on mesh sizes and minimum requirements for different birds as well as suitable aviary sizes for both pet keeping and breeding purposes.
Our range of bigger aperture mesh are frequently used for fencing and the manufacturing of kennels and catteries.

We are conveniently situated in Kempton Park (Behind OR Thambo International) and we do offer a nation wide delivery service. Our prices and products include VAT but exclude delivery.